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Why Join Raleigh Cary Realty

Raleigh Cary Realty is a full service brokerage that hires brokers & associates who follow the Realtor Code of Ethics!


In todays current market conditions our clients need us to be there for them and sometimes the bigger firms get in the way. Raleigh Cary Realty allows and encourages their agents to put their clients needs before both themselves and the firm in doing what is best for their clients. It allows its Brokers the flexibility of working out the best solution for their clients.


Raleigh Cary Realty is founded on the idea that as the real estate industry has evolved with the internet & technology, many of the bigger firms no longer offer value for what they charge their agents.


We provide true value for the service, knowledge, and integrity we provide our agents.  We hire professionals that know how to run their own business but realize they cannot do everything!


All agents are Full Service, Completely Professional and Fully Represent their clients!


What are the bigger companies providing their agents for 30% to 50% of their commission?

Consider these questions to determine if you as an agent are getting what you are paying for from your brokerage firm:

  • How much of your business is created by your company?
  • Is your company there to help you when needed or are they too busy?
  • Do you use the company’s web site or do you have your own?
  • With over 80% of buyers finding their homes on the internet, what has your company done to get prospective buyers & sellers to their website (and then to you) that you cannot do yourself for a lot less?
  • Do you take advantage of the education your company offers, and if so, is the same education available outside of the company? (We see a lot of education opportunities within and offered by trainers that do not require 30% to 50% of your income).
  • Do you learn and have synergy from your Team Meetings or attend because you feel obligated?
  • If you do not believe you or your clients are getting what you are paying for, then why not take the money you earn and let it work for all of you?

What does Raleigh Cary Realty provide its agents for much less out of pocket?

  • INTERNET EXPOSURE! Our agents & clients will have their listings (with the agents information) posted on over 15 sites such as:, Yahoo, Google Base, Trulia, AOL Real Estate, Cyber Homes, Homescape – Agents will be able to access reports for their listings and send it to their clients.
  • We are signed up to so all of our listings show up as enhanced listings and show the individual agent’s information.


  • The T.A.R.R (Triangle Area Residential Realty) report is available to our agents to help improve their knowledge and understanding of the market & be able to benefit to their clients.
  • A team environment where you are supported not just by the staff but each other. 
  • A co-op cost environment in which you pay for what you need, and you have more flexibility to charge your clients based on individual needs.
  • Reflective Signs! Raleigh Cary Realty offers its agents signs to use for their listings with rider spots above and below to put their information. Of course, agents are allowed to buy their own and market themselves as they desire.
  • An IDX / or MLS search tool that allows clients to save their searches and listings and a great map search feature with your e-mail and contact info.
  • A conveniently located & professional conference room to meet clients and office space that can be expanded as necessary.
  • Optional lead generation sessions and weekly book reading & statistic assignments to keep up with the changing trends in the market place in order to build teamwork and help each other through the tougher market conditions and excel in a thriving one.

Sounds Great – what exactly would it cost me?

  • Raleigh Cary Realty gives 90% of your commission checks  per deal to you with a cap of $15,000 for individuals and $20,000 for partners or teams at which time you receive 100%.  Partners or Teams are defined as groups who advertise and market together and have one web site for all.


  • Minimum monthly fees are $50 (for E&O Insurance, IDX search, conference room & misc. fees) plus your individual or team’s MLS fees. Other fees will be assessed as needed based on your use of shared advertising, copier & office supplies.

We believe agents should market themselves not the company. Its all about YOU!


Worried about the cost involved with changing companies?


Consider the long term benefit you’ll reap from a small initial investment: $100 for business cards & riders ($500 or less if you wanted your own personal signs).


Is it worth paying 2 to 3 times of commission earned to continue with your firm?


Please give us a call (It will be strictly confidential).


We would love to welcome quality people to a wonderful future with Raleigh Cary Realty! I am more than happy to meet with you or send you our Policies & Procedure Manual if you would like to discuss it further.