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Raleigh Cary Real Estate Living in Apex: Education, Community and Real Estate

Perched along the highest stretch of the Chatham Railroad, 20 minutes west of Downtown Raleigh, the much-lauded town of Apex has become an exemplar of suburban growth done right. Twice listed by Money magazine as one of America’s “Best Places to Live” and praised by Forbes as one of the “Best Places to Move,” this charismatic turn of the 20th century railroad town has ballooned more than eight-fold since 1990. With excellent schools, top-notch public utilities, and a location close to Raleigh’s bustling Research Triangle Park, Apex tops a shortlist of the region’s best family-friendly residential destinations.

Apex NC Real Estate

Why Live in Apex, NC?

Despite rapid growth over the past few decades, Apex has sacrificed none of its small town charm. As one of the most intact former railroad towns in the state, the historic downtown shopping district provides a colorful backdrop of architectural styles dating back to the late 1800s. Throughout the year parades and events help engender a strong sense of community pride, and the town’s more than 400 acres of parks and well-manicured green spaces harken back to the simpler times of yesteryear. However, Apex is not just focused on the preservation of the past. The town’s public works and utilities are championed as some of the best in the state, and a careful eye on energy efficiency and environmental concerns has garnered city planners a host of accolades and recognition from the region’s governing bodies.

About Apex Real Estate

While Apex has become an attractive residential neighborhood for mostly white collar professionals, there is a surprising range a available housing capable of accommodating any budget. The quick rise in the town’s popularity means that most of the housing stock is outfitted for modern amenities and contemporary lifestyles. Continued demand for local real estate also translates into a wealth of new construction and building opportunities.

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Local Schools in Apex

With one of the highest concentrations of residents nationwide working in math, computers, and technology, it is little surprise that the town’s schools and students significantly outperform much of the rest of the state. However, high demand places continued pressure on the Wake County Public School System to expand capacity at an intense rate — occasionally resulting in overcrowding. Some of the area’s most notable public schools are Olive Chapel Elementary, West Lake Middle School, Apex Elementary, Apex Middle School, A.V. Baucom Elementary School, Lufkin Middle School, and Apex High School.

Things to Do Around Town

Near the intersection of North Carolina Highway 55 and U.S. Route 64, the large Beaver Creek Shopping Center helps meet the demands of the growing population. The beautiful Halle Cultural Arts Center offers a number of entertainment options from concerts and visual arts performances to special events and community presentations. Nearby, the Apex Farmer’s Market connects residents to the region’s many farmers and artisans. Dotting the landscape are more than 400 acres of parks complete with well-maintained baseball diamonds, public tennis courts, and soccer fields.

Future of Apex

Forward thinking and quality planning has let Apex expand at a rate that would wash out the identity of most towns. However, Apex is well-rooted in its past and is well-situated for what will certainly be a bright future of continued growth and expansion.

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