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What to ask a Realtor Before Buying a Home

What to ask a Realtor Before Buying a Home

Home buyers—especially first-time ones—can be quite nervous when they enter the market. They ask us a lot of questions, which they absolutely should do. The agents at Raleigh Cary Realty are here to let you know the key questions you should ask your realtor before buying a home.

The top questions to ask your realtor before buying a home are:

1. What area should I choose? This one might seem simple, but it’s really not. While being in a particular area is important for the quality of schools are your commute to work, there are differences inside each area. One neighborhood might be better than the next one. Easy access to public transportation or the severity of traffic on one street versus another is key.

2. What contingencies should I include in the contract? Contingencies are clauses in the contract that lets you back out after signing it. The two most common ones are the house not passing an inspection or not qualifying for the mortgage. Those are the two you should ask for. More than that may cause the seller to reject your offer.

3. Do you know a trust-worthy inspector? This is usually the question we get next. Most realtors are a great resource for this. We know the ones we’ve worked with the most and which ones are the best at what they do.

4. Why is the house for sale? Knowing why a house is on the market can be advantageous for the buyer. What’s the motivation for selling? Does the house have issues? Having these answers can help you determine what to offer and during pricing negotiations.

5. Would you buy this house? Asking your realtor if they would buy the house tells you a lot about what they think about it. As professionals that have looked at thousands of houses, realtors know the plusses and minuses of each property they see. Your realtor will be honest with you about that question. Want more tips on questions to ask? Contact us at Raleigh Cary Realty today. Our job is to guide you through the entire home-buying process from day one to closing.

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