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What Are Your Reasons For Buying a Home?

Whether you’re jumping in the real estate market for the first time or you feel that it’s time to sell your current home and make an upgrade, your reasons for making a move will help to determine what type of home you need. In this post we’ll explore a few different home buying scenarios and some of the specifics that you’ll need to consider in order to make the right decision.

What Type of Homebuyer Are You Now?

Are You Buying for the First Time?

One of the primary reasons that individuals and young couples buy their first home is to escape the endless cycle of paying rent without building any equity. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, it’s very important that you give some serious thought to the future as you may be in your new home for the next decade or more. Are you planning on having children? If so, you’ll want to set aside one bedroom for each child you plan on having. It may be a good idea to get an additional bedroom which can be used as a play area or as a home office if needed. Also, be sure to get a home that is close to quality elementary and middle schools. While you’re browsing through our property listings you’ll be able to check academic rankings with a single click.

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Are You Buying Because You Want a Better Lifestyle?

If you’ve done well for yourself over the span of your career you may have decided that it’s time to upgrade your home to one that can provide a better quality of life. In this case you’ll want to survey your family members to see what type of features they’re looking for in a new home. Do you want an in-ground pool and a hot tub? Or is it more important that you have something outside of the city with a sizeable piece of land so that your children can play freely? Dream big and we’ll work to find the home that fits.

Are You Buying Because It’s Time to Downsize?

Have your children left the nest and moved on to their own homes, leaving a bit of an empty feeling inside of your large house? Many homeowners find that eventually they need to downsize their home to something that is a bit more manageable. Whether you’re after a smaller house or a condo, make sure that you’re buying in an area that’s close to your desired amenities. You’ll want to ensure that you have at least one extra bedroom for holidays and other occasions that guests will be staying overnight.

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