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Ways to Secure Package Delivery at Home

Ways to Secure Package Delivery at Home

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving the email that a package was delivered to a house, but not the correct house. Raleigh Cary Realty’s agents have had it happen to them as well. We suggest the following ways to secure package delivery to one’s home in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area. 

5 ways to secure package delivery at home:

  1. Wifi enabled cameras: The most popular addition to any home for security as well as to monitor package delivery is a wifi enabled camera. Homeowners can install as many as they like to monitor their own property or have one for the front porch. The camera’s app stores the videos for the homeowner to watch either live or already recorded. 
  2. Follow package tracking closely: Most online ordering systems tell the buyer when the shipment is out for delivery. Buyers then need to monitor the tracking information to see the time and day the shipment is to arrive at the home. Some errors in package delivery occur when an address is not written correctly. Double check data entry before hitting submit. 
  3. Join the neighborhood Facebook page: Mail sorting is all over the place; especially for new developments. This means that mail could have gone to a fellow neighbor. Post on the wall to see if a neighbor happened to receive the delivery.
  4. Report missing packages: If never reported, mail and package delivery systems and offices will never know. Usually, they are short forms that can be sent in rather than the long customer service call with the sellers. If a package is stolen, use the video footage to give to law enforcement.
  5. Signature retrieval: When completing the order, check to see if there is an option to have the package need a signature in order to receive it. It adds another step, but saves hassle later. 

These are some of our suggestions to help secure package delivery at home. For advice, buying, selling, or appraising a home, talk to Raleigh Cary Realty’s experienced agents. Contact us today.

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