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Ways to Increase Property Value

Should I sell my home? Do I need to renovate? What do I need to do to boost my curb appeal? Homeowners are asking themselves these questions; especially, if they think their property value is not the equivalent or better than the homes around them. The real estate agents at Raleigh Cary Realty are also property appraisers and we have listed below ways to increase property value.

4 ways to increase property value:

  • Do the research: Check throughout the spring and summer months what homes in the area are selling for in your area using the MLS. Also, look through the photos of these homes to see what updates were done to increase their property value. By researching home values and seeing images of the renovations/home additions, homeowners can budget ahead to make home improvements in anticipation of selling their home.
  • Return on investment: Figuring out which renovation or home addition project would add value is all about return on investment. Making a home stand out with the right upgrades helps property value. Replacing laminate countertops with stone countertops is a better design plan than not updating the kitchen at all.
  • Add curb appeal: When a property is overgrown, property appraisers will think that the dwelling is neglected as well. If the lack of curb appeal has gotten out of hand, call a landscaping crew to discuss budgeted improvements. These improvements could be manicuring the shrubbery and trees; paving and sealing driveways; or creating concrete pathways.
  • Buy a home with an HOA: HOA’s uphold a standard for all houses to abide by to make sure that property values do not plummet. They keep public, common areas maintained as well as approve individual homeowner’s plans. A lot of people do not like the idea of an HOA when it comes to their property but in reality, it does a lot more, by far to protect an investment than hurt it. Depending on the HOA, the rules can also designate what percentage of properties can be rentals.

The neighbor down the street that set a new listing record for the neighborhood did their research beforehand to make that happen with their real estate agent. For selling and appraising your home, contact Raleigh Cary Realty.

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