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Ways Remote Working Has Changed Homebuyers’ Needs

COVID-19 has affected different aspects of everyday life for many. Certain daily activities have been completely altered such as working remotely to help stop the spread of the ongoing pandemic. As a result, homebuyers’ needs have changed.

Here are three ways remote working has changed homebuyers’ needs:

  1. Wider geographical search area: Since more people are working from home, homebuyers are able to look at houses in different cities than where their job is located. This broadens the search and lets those looking for a home have more to choose from. A short commute is no longer a requirement as most remote workers are allowed to work from anywhere. During this time, many choose to live in suburbs rather than larger, more populated cities.
  2. Greater demand for dedicated office space: A home office is essential for homebuyers who work from home. Remote workers tend to want an office that is separate from their living space so that there is a clear distinction between work and rest. As telecommuting increases in the workplace, it is also important to have a place for conference calls and other meetings that is away from any noises or distractions.
  3. A space for long-term living: Due to the pandemic and a lesser need to move around for jobs, many Americans have been staying in homes more long-term. This affects the home buying process as they are now choosing a space that they will be living in for much longer. This results in more people attempting to find a space that aligns with their dream home rather than just a temporary living situation.

As the world we live in continues to change, homebuyers’ needs for homes are also constantly changing. If you are interested in purchasing a home in the Triangle, consider Raleigh Cary Realty. Our professionals can guide you through the home buying process while prioritizing your personal needs even during the pandemic. Contact us today to get started.

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