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Top 5 Things to Do Before Listing Your House on the Market

When it’s time to sell a home in the Triangle area, many sellers rush to put their homes on the market so their listings are active and attracting buyers. However, it is important to remember the small details when starting this process since they have a big impact on the seller and buyer.Prepare a Home to Sell

At Raleigh Cary Realty, our real estate agents get many questions from first-time sellers about what steps to take when listing their home.

The top 5 things sellers should do before listing their home on the market in the Triangle are:

  • Declutter: Not only will clutter make for poor pictures, but buyers will be distracted during a walkthrough if it doesn’t feel clean and organized. Take this time to start organizing and packing small items that are not essential to daily living in the home.
  • Clean: This goes beyond wiping countertops and doing a light dusting. Sellers may naturally overlook the cleanliness of their homes since they’re accustomed to it, but buyers will notice even the smallest detail. Steam clean carpets, wipe down the walls and ensure all crevices are clean before listing so it’s buyer-ready.
  • Small Updates: Consider giving the exterior of the home a power-wash, or re-stain the deck to give it new life. Interiors may benefit from a carpet replacement and fresh coats of paint, or perhaps some new light fixtures to make it appealing to buyers.
  • Inspect: Many sellers may think that buyers should handle inspections, but staying ahead of the curve is better in this case. Have the house inspected so that any necessary repairs or problems can be budgeted into asking prices and avoid any surprises down the line.
  • Staging: Since space will be spotless and decluttered, have an agent show some options for furniture staging to maximize the home’s appeal. Try to stick with neutral colors and minimalist décor to allow buyers to envision their own future in the home.

When sellers take the time consider these steps they are more likely to successfully sell their home with fewer headaches and in less time. To get more tips on how to proceed with listing your home for sale, contact our agents at Raleigh Cary Realty!

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