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Top 4 Areas That Raleigh Homeowners Transplant From

It’s not news, Raleigh is an area that many families move to. There are so many nicknames that the Triangle has based on where people are relocating from. Despite those jokes and nicknames, our team at Raleigh Cary Realty know the top areas that Raleigh homeowners are transplanting from.

The top 4 areas that individuals are transplanting from and moving into the Triangle are:

  1. New York/New Jersey: With the high cost of living in New York and New Jersey, there are many families that want a more affordable area to live in. Many families who are moving from New York and New Jersey are interested in the increase in land and better schools that we have in our area.
  2. California: A lot has changed in California lately. One of the biggest pieces of news is the wildfires. Due to all of the changes in California, and the cost of living, many California homeowners are choosing to move to North Carolina.
  3. DC Area: There are so many great schools and work opportunities in Washington DC. However, it is a very congested area. And our Research Triangle Park has so many companies’ moving in and so many great job opportunities that many DC residents are moving down to Raleigh.
  4. Kansas: North Carolina has so many great elements. From our beaches to our mountains, there is so much to do and see. Many families from the Midwest are choosing to move to Raleigh to be in close proximity to a variety of landscapes.

Did you move to the Raleigh area from one of these areas? Or do you have friends planning on moving to the Triangle from one of these areas? We would absolutely love the opportunity to help choose the right home and the right area of the Triangle. Contact our team to get started today.

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