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Tips for Sprucing Up the Outdoors before Selling a Home

As real estate agents in Raleigh, we can tell you that first impressions matter a lot. If potential home buyers don’t like that first look at a home, they most likely won’t buy. Even before buyers go see homes, that listing photo can go a long way in helping buyers decide which homes to check out. This is why making sure the outside of the home is on point is so important when getting ready to sell it.

Here are some tips for sprucing up the outdoors before selling a home:

  1. Landscaping: We’re not advocating for a complete redo of the landscape, but make sure everything is trimmed and healthy. Pops of color with some strategically-placed flowers, and adding a fresh layer of mulch are simple additions that go a long way.
  2. Cleaning: Some owners walk past cobwebs, window smears, and dirt that get layered onto a home over the years. We understand that little things slip and life gets in the way, but having a squeaky clean home inside and out is a must when selling. A power wash and good scrub will make the house look almost brand new.
  3. Accessorize: Go beyond just cleaning to make the outside of the home feel like a home. Add some simple, tasteful porch decorations or stage the backyard to make buyers feel like the home is ready for a backyard get together.
  4. Repairs: We saved the most important tip for last – take care of all the repairs! Even a little chipped paint will make buyers think there are more serious issues inside the home. This is the time to take care of all those honey-do’s that keep getting put off.

Set yourself up for success when selling your home by making sure the outdoor areas are spruced up. Homebuyers are quick to make decisions, so make sure the home stands out in the best way possible. Contact Raleigh Cary Realty to get started on selling your home.

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