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Tips for Moving During an Ongoing Pandemic

Moving away to a new home in possibly an unfamiliar city away from all that an individual has known can seem like a stressful process especially when you top that with having a moving date during the ongoing pandemic. Not only does one have to worry about getting all of their items from one place to another so that their new space is livable, but they also have to be cautious about their own safety when doing so. To allow for an easier transition, Raleigh Cary Realty offers tips for moving during COVID-19.

Here are tips for moving during the ongoing pandemic:

  1. Check businesses’ COVID-19 policies beforehand: Many businesses, especially moving companies, are implementing safety policies because of the pandemic to protect both employees and customers. It is important to check these beforehand to make sure that the business is taking responsibility for providing a safe move and so homeowners know what to expect on moving day.
  2. Research zero-contact moving services: Some companies are also using moving services that require no contact between movers and clients to provide a safer moving experience. Finding businesses that offer these services will increase safety measures for any move.
  3. Limit the number of individuals involved in the moving process: Although many people might want to help a family move, it is better to limit the number of individuals involved in moving. This way, it is easier to social distance and decreases the chance of spreading anything among larger groups of people.
  4. Always put your safety first: Above everything else, safety should always be every mover’s number one priority. If you feel uncomfortable while being around others during these times or if your health makes you at higher risk, you should limit your contributions to the moving process. There will always be help provided whether it be through family or professional movers, so you shouldn’t put your safety at risk.

The moving process can be tricky even without a pandemic. As always, remember to wear a mask and properly sanitize throughout the day. If you need help getting started in the buying or selling process, reach out to Raleigh Cary Realty for assistance along the way.

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