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Spring Cleaning – Organizing the Garage

For many homeowners, spring cleaning is a daunting task, and nowhere in the house is that more evident than the family garage. At Raleigh Cary Realty, we know how it feels to see things pile up over winter. After all, we use garages for more than just parking cars. A garage is a home to the spare refrigerator, left-over paint cans, brooms, automotive supplies, shoes, old clothes, lawn and garden tools, and well, just plain old tools.

If it is time to get the garage organized, here are some tips to help throughout the process:

  1. Have a plan of attack: It goes without saying that before starting a project, having the end goal in mind is extremely helpful. Make a list of what needs to be kept in the garage, what needs to be moved elsewhere, and what needs to be thrown away, recycled, or donated.
  2. Take it out and organize it: Since the garage is already an overflow area, remove as many items as possible to the driveway or front yard, and arrange them in piles based on your previous list. Doing this will help ensure everything to be kept or stored elsewhere gets taken to the proper place.
  3. Thoroughly clean the garage space: Now that clutter is out of the way, this is the time to remove the cobwebs, sweep the floors, dig debris out of the corners and clean up any oil stains.
  4. Add vertical storage where needed: Vertical space (shelves, cabinets, wall hooks, pegboards, etc.) is vital for organizing and efficiently using garage space. Make sure you have adequate amounts for what is needed.
  5. Use clear plastic tubs for storing items: Not only are plastic tubs great for keeping items together, but clear ones make it easy to see what’s inside when looking for that spare air filter or bicycle helmet later.
  6. Store by category: When returning items from outside, be sure to store them by category of use. For example, keep all sporting goods in one area and all cleaning supplies in another.

By taking an organized approach, it becomes much easier to spring your garage into shape. If you are looking to sell in the Triangle area, reach out to Raleigh Cary Realty for more ways to increase the value of your home.

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