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Should You Purchase a Home in the Triangle During the Holidays?

The holiday season has arrived in the Triangle area and buyers want to know if it’s a good idea to make a purchase during this time. We here at Raleigh Cary Realty want to spread some cheer and good news for buyers who are perusing open homes during the holiday season.Homes for Sale in Cary, NC

While selections among the MLS might be limited, buyers have a few advantages in the market during the holidays and may find great success in closing on a new home before the New Year.

4 advantages homebuyers have in the Triangle real estate market and why a holiday purchase may be a good move are:

  • Motivated Sellers. Let’s be honest, no one really wants to go through the stress of selling a home during the holidays unless they absolutely must. So, the listings may be few, but rest assured the sellers are likely willing to negotiate to get a quicker sale and be off in their next endeavor.
  • Fewer Buyers in the Market. Just as there aren’t many sellers listing homes, there aren’t as many buyers browsing open homes. Since there’s less competition among buyers, you’re more likely to have leverage and get a good deal with some negotiation.
  • Quicker Closings. Since both buyers and sellers are serious about their intentions during the holidays, transactions can be expected to go smoothly and quickly. This motivation extends to all parties involved in the purchase, such as lenders and real estate agents, so be prepared for a quick process.
  • Potential for Better Rates. Interest rates fluctuate cyclically, and generally, during the holidays they tend to be lower. While this isn’t a hard rule, do some research into different lenders as the slower season will have them in competition for the limited buyers in the market.

So, the holidays seem to be a good time to purchase a home as long as buyers are willing to act quickly in a smaller market. Contact our real estate agents at Raleigh Cary Realty today to get started!

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