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Satisfying Summer Maintenance Projects

Summer is a great time to get a head start on a home’s maintenance projects! By tending to a home’s needs, homeowners can prevent future problems; especially, if they are considering buying or selling their home. Raleigh Cary Realty wants to help by providing a short maintenance recommendation list to homeowners.

3 summer maintenance projects that any homeowner can tackle:

  1. Beautiful, green lawns: Seeing dandelions or crabgrass? Think about putting down weed prevention sprays. Always wear protective equipment and take precautions to make sure it has dried before allowing pets into the yard. If dead grass areas are making the lawn look patchy, consider adding matching seed and fertilizer to help fill in those areas.
  2. Clean gutters & windows: All it takes is one rainstorm to realize that the gutters are clogged when seeing a waterfall out of the window. Depending on the homeowner’s comfortability about getting on a ladder, unclogging gutters can help prevent water damage. All it takes is a ladder, gardening gloves, trash bags, and someone to hold the bottom of the ladder. If the home has updated windows, cleaning windows is easy, simply unhook the latches and grab some glass cleaner and towels. This may require a second person to hold the window while the other person cleans.
  3. Donate, throw away, or sell for $: How many of us have stuff piling up in the closets, garage, or shed? With many neighborhoods still having garage sales planned for the summer, someone is bound to your find junk to be their treasure. Figure out the restrictions on local donations before stopping by drop-off locations. Find the best way to throw out items. Then, see what could be sold for some cash. Making space helps to keep a home from cluttering up and becoming a point of stress for families. It is a great way to maintain the home and teach kids about upcycling and donating.

By taking care of a home, the space feels like a home. Raleigh Cary Realty helps homeowners throughout the buying/selling process. Contact us today.

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