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Reasons You Should Consider School Districts When Purchasing a Home

Many families, especially those with younger children, do their research on nearby school districts before settling down in a home. While most of the time this is because they want top quality education for their children, there are also other reasons why one should consider school districts before putting an offer in on a home. Raleigh Cary Realty shares three of these reasons.

Here are three reasons you should consider school districts when purchasing a home:

  1. Homes in good school districts hold value: found that “homes in higher-rated school districts sell an average of eight days faster than homes in below-average school districts, and four days faster than the national average.” Even for families without kids at the time, homes in good school districts would give them the benefit of quicker and higher sales when they were ready to put their home up on the market. Since the school district should stay relatively the same over time, this is an added value of the home to give more stability.
  2. School districts are correlated with surrounding areas: It is common that with good school districts comes more developed areas with more things to do for families such as parks, recreation centers, and much more. This adds more family-friendly benefits to the mix by purchasing a home that’s in an area that is easily accessible to activities and events.
  3. Private schools add extra costs: If a family were to find themselves in their dream home but in a poor school district, they might choose to send their children to private schools. This can quickly become a large chuck of money depending on how many kids a couple has. Although the home might be cheaper because of the area it’s in, the family might make up for the cost with private school tuition.

If you are currently looking for a home in the Triangle area, browse our resources on local school districts for more insight on their performance. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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