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Quick Tips to Enhance the Value of Your Home

Whether the Triangle area’s market is up or down at the moment, you can always do your home a huge favor by taking steps to boost its appeal. A good first step may be to bring in the pros. Whether they are a professional landscape artist or organizer, these are professionals for a reason. Their talent could in the end add value to your home and help it to avoid not sitting on the market.  When you’re ready to take steps to boost your home value, consider the easier things you can do yourself to have the biggest effect without wasting too much money on costly renovations.

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Improve Eyesores

Getting rid of pain points adds home appeal quickly. Addressing issues such as stained carpet and chipped paint will avoid turning off homebuyers at first sight. You should also think about updates for old wallpaper, out-of-style light fixtures and door knobs and popcorn ceilings. These are of different budget levels, but all need to be addressed if you can afford to. Consider if you were walking through a home and slowly realizing all of the minor flaws. Be thorough in correcting issues such as carpet stains, these fixes will go a long way.

How to Sell Your Home in Raleigh NC

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything and chances are buyers have seen your home online and driving by before they come for a scheduled visit. This area is not a hard place to maintain a beautiful front yard. Changing out the front door and garage door can also have a major impact. The eye naturally moves toward the door, so people will quickly notice if yours is in dire need of updating. Finally, you may want to rent a power washer and tend to the walkways and siding. Make sure the lawn is maintained along with the exterior of your home, you never know when buyers will be coming by to take a quick look.

Choose Small, But Large Impact Projects

When making changes inside the home, focus on small, doable projects. Major renovations often have a relatively low return on investment, so if you won’t stay in the house much longer avoid jobs involving a large amount of capital. The kitchen is a great place for smaller changes such as painting the cabinetry white or updating one or two appliances. painting the cabinetry. Storage is always on the mind of home buyers. Wherever you have open, unused spaces, consider building in modern storage solutions such as open shelving. And as always, make sure that all closets and storage spaces are half full in order to show off the available space.

Say Yes to Neutral Colors

As you go about home improvements, it’s always good to keep two things in common: light and color. Everyone wants more natural light and neutral color palates.  In order to implement more light opt for French doors or installing more windows if your budget will allow. Strategically placed mirrors in living and bedroom spaces also open up rooms to light in a budget-friendly way. And word to the wise: stay away from heavy window treatments or furniture placement that blocks light. When it comes to color, make subtle choices that are calming and lend the buyers to see the home as a blank canvas they can personalize.

For more information about selling your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you would like to check out our newest infographic detailing major seller mistakes, a pre-sale checklist and home renovation returns, download the page below:
5 Biggest Home Seller Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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