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Price-Conscious Home Upgrades

Regularly making upgrades on a home is very important. Upgrades can add value to a home and help to maintain the home. With the recent pandemic, money is tight for many households. In order to make some necessary improvements on a budget, we’ve created a list of upgrades that are also price-conscious.

Some price-conscious home upgrades are:

  • Painting front door: For less than $50, transform the front door in one afternoon. Painting the whole house can take time and money, however, a newly painted front door gives a fresh new look to the home. Choose a contrasting color for added fun!
  • Path lighting: Make sure everyone can see where they’re going at night by installing path lights. Amazon has great solar-powered lights that cost less than $40.
  • Kitchen cabinet handles: Re-doing the whole kitchen is a costly upgrade that takes a lot of time. Instead, replace the cabinet handles for something that’s more modern. The updated handles don’t seem like much, but they can significantly change the vibe of the kitchen.
  • Upgrading air vents and outlet covers: These may seem like small things but they can add to a room or space and make a home stand out. This can be done in one or two rooms at a time where they are more visible.
  • Blinds, curtain rods, and curtains: Once again, this can be done one or two rooms at a time and are small items that can go a long way to the look and care of a home and add color where you may need it but buyers wouldn’t have to repaint if they do not like it (the rods and blinds are considered a part of the home but the curtains are not).

These upgrades are minor but make a house more functional without breaking the bank. They can be done in less than a day, making them the perfect activity during the pandemic. Contact Raleigh Cary Realty for any questions, and check out our website for more home improvement and selling tips.

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