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Plumbing Problems to Look for When Buying a Home

When searching for their dream home, buyers have a checklist in mind. It is important not to neglect to look for problem areas including issues with the plumbing. There are many signs that the plumbing in a home may have an issue and need to be checked before purchasing a property.

Here are four potential plumbing problems to look for:

  1. Leaks around faucets and beneath sinks: A common place to look for problems in a plumbing system is the faucets and sinks of a home. While the water is running, be sure to check the faucets and inside the cabinets of sinks for any leakage.
  2. Low water pressure: When touring a home, it is always a good idea to check the water pressure. There are many different causes of low water pressure such as leaks or corroded pipes. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the water pressure is sufficient to avoid any future plumbing issues.
  3. Leaks or corrosion of the water heater: It is crucial to check the condition and age of the water heater to see if there is any rust or leaks. If missed, this can lead to big expenses if it needs to be repaired or replaced in the future.
  4. Ceiling stains and visible signs of water damage: Any visible signs of water damage such as ceiling stains and discolored paint can be an easy sign of plumbing issues in a home, possibly caused by leaky pipes.

By discovering any plumbing issues in a home prior to making an offer, a home buyer can request for a reduction in price by the seller to account for any repairs that may need to be made, or agree to these items being fixed by the seller once under contract. If you are planning on searching for a home in the Triangle in the near future, consider Raleigh Cary Realty. Our experienced professionals can help you through any challenges you may encounter while trying to find your perfect home.

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