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Life Changes & Homeownership

We all have various life changes that occur that can affect our homeownership needs. Some examples of life changes are graduation, marriage, moving, downsizing, or retirement. These changes occur during varying economic times. For whichever change that is on your doorstep, Raleigh Cary Realty has listed below how life changes coincide with the possibility for homeownership.

Life changes and their homeownership potentiality:

  • Graduation: Some individuals may have graduated recently and obtained a higher degree. Finding a job that they believe will be stable in the same city may afford the opportunity to move into a starter home.
  • Marriage: During this time, people have had to downsize their weddings and may have received reimbursement for their event. Some couples are instead applying this reimbursed money to a down payment on a house.
  • Moving: Millennials are moving closer to family or are living with them. This means saving money and the opportunity in a few months to re-enter the housing market. Also, with people being furloughed or unemployed, many are moving to a new location to follow the job market.
  • Downsizing: After the kids have graduated from college, parents are downsizing their homes. This is a unique change as it means that some may stay in the area that they are currently living, but they want smaller square footage.
  • Retirement: The access to the money that many have been saving over the years may afford a new home, a new location, or both. Making the change to the retirement house is what people may have been working towards for years. It is an exciting change for all retirees.

With any of these life changes, buying and selling homes is part of the process. To make the process easier, talk to Raleigh Cary Realty. Our agents are experienced in home appraisals, buyer markets, and seller markets.

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