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Landscaping Projects To Upgrade Your Yard Space

Landscaping is at the front of people’s minds as warmer months are approaching.  Often, homeowners can feel overwhelmed by the idea.  Many wonder if they have enough creativity to make their yards beautiful.  Homeowners may also question if landscaping is within their budget.  Landscaping does not have to be expensive or difficult.  Everyone should be able to enjoy making their home beautiful while enjoying the outdoors.

3 simple ways to beautify your yard:

  • Combine A Variety of Plants: Many people tend to buy one type of flower or plant when they are upgrading their landscaping. When you do this, you usually have a full bloom for one period of time and then the remainder of the year is lacking. When you visit your local nursery, look for a variety of plants that will bloom throughout the season.  Ask the professionals what plants they would recommend for your soil type and weather conditions.
  • Add Lighting: Lighting is an important element to landscaping and makes all of your hard work visible at night. Adding LED lights around your yard in a variety of locations will make your landscaping “pop”.  Not only will outdoor lights help to highlight your landscaping, it will also make it easy for you to enjoy the space after nightfall. A nice touch is lighting your walkways as well as highlighting your favorite tree and plant areas.
  • Use Water Features: Water features do not always have to be an expensive investment. Adding smaller features, such as birdbaths, can be just as attractive and have the added benefit of bringing in wildlife that is beneficial for your yard. Small fish ponds may also be within your budget and can be a very nice touch for any yard.  Adding plants around the pond will add to the look as well.

Taking care of your home, inside and outside, in all seasons helps maintain the property’s value. If you are wondering about the value of your home in the Triangle, Raleigh Cary Realty is happy to help. Contact us to get started.

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