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How to Sell Your Home Over Summer

Selling a house over summer can be very difficult. There are a lot of new activities that happen in everyone’s life. Summer vacation creates a time of the year where everyone is busy with their friends and family.

When selling a house some things to consider are vacations, flexible hours, immediate sales, lights, curb appeal, yard, natural air, and other things that can increase the over the outlook of a home.

3 things to do to a house to increase value and sell quicker are:

  • Curb Appeal: Curb Appeal is the appeal of a house while standing and looking at the house from the curb. To increase curb appeal, make sure the house has colors. Plant flowers, bushes, and potted plants. Paint the house, power was and sweep the porch and driveway/walkway, trim pushed and trees. An attractive house invites people inside. Make the house feel like a home before it’s even bought.
  • Flexible Hours: Having flexible hours makes the house sell much faster. Everyone is busy over summer. Kids are out of school and need attention, families go on vacation, parents are distracted with their kids. Letting others make their schedule then visit houses in their free time makes everything much easier. Allowing time to be made and people to apply and visit when they’re ready will sell the house quicker.
  • Instant Appeal: The inside of the house should be appealing and match the outside. If the outside uses many colors including yellow and blue, bring the yellow and blue inside. Decorate with matching colors and metals. Shiny metals bring more appeal to the house and spark interest in the look of the house. Having food and drinks at the house as well as quiet music brings a comfortable feeling to the house.

Selling a house during the summer is not impossible, especially in this real estate market. If you have any more questions about how to sell your house in the summer, please call.

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