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How to Not Lose Raleigh Home Buyers

Raleigh is home to one of the fastest growing real estate markets in North Carolina. Thousands of people move to the city throughout the year to work for one of the area’s top employers, and people also move to the area because of its close proximity to North Carolina State University, Wake Technical Community College and the eight other private colleges. If you want to ensure that your house sells quickly and sticks out to incoming buyers make sure to follow closely along to the following tips:

Raleigh NC Homes for Sale

Get Rid of Odors

One of the first things that buyers notice is the smell of your house. Clean your carpets, floors and walls to eliminate pet and cigarette smells, and consider using an odor neutralizer before putting your house on the market.

Set a Reasonable Price

A high price tag will instantly turn off Raleigh buyers. With so many newly constructed homes on the local market, you need to price your home competitively, which often means picking a price reflective of those newer homes.

How to Sell Your Home in Raleigh NC

Eliminate Clutter

You can live with your clutter, but potentially buyers don’t want to see it all over the house. Before arranging a walk-through, take the time to go over your house, putting away clothing and throwing away trash. Countertops should be bare, closets half full and spare items organized into containers or put away. In other words, everything should have its place and stay there.

Take Care of Maintenance Issues

If you want to quickly turn off a buyer, leave those pesky problems around your house untreated. When choosing between your older home or a newer home, buyers want to know you have a leak-free roof, a durable plumbing system and updated electrical.

Get Rid of Dated Decorations

As much as you love your decorations, old paint from the 80s and vintage tiled floors, shoppers today want something more modern. Get rid of the dated decor which shows off the age of your home and replace it with updated and neutral accents.

Find Pets a Place

The next person who walks through your door might not love your pets as much as you do. They also may not appreciate the distraction pets can cause during a walk-through. Take your pets to a kennel or keep them locked away during a showing.

Clean Gutters

Plants growing in your gutters and trash scattered throughout those gutters can turn off buyers in seconds. Clean your gutters or hire someone to clean those spaces before an open house.

Clean the House

Wash and wax the floors, clean your carpets, take out the trash and give your house a good scrubbing. Nothing turns off a buyer faster than seeing a dirty house. They need to be able to imagine themselves in your home relaxing, not cleaning every nook and cranny.

Stage Your Home

Buyers want to see themselves in your home, and they won’t feel that way when confronted with your family photos, old furniture and personal style. Hiring a professional staging expert lets you give your home a fresh and neutral look without spending a lot of cash.

Maintain Landscaping

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and your front yard will make that impression for you. Hire a landscaping crew to come in and give your lawn a quick makeover.

Your buyer has a certain period of time before he or she can walk away from a sale. Landscaping the outside of your house will hook buyers the first time they see your home, while staging the inside will make them want to put in an offer. Getting the best price for your home and getting a good offer is easier when you have the right real estate agent by your side. For more information about selling your home please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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