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How to Get your Home Ready for Spring

Even though daffodils are already popping up all over Raleigh, it’s technically still winter. However, spring is definitely on its way. This is a great time to check in on the home for both maintenance and aesthetic reasons.

Here are a few ways to get the home ready for spring:

  1. Check on the outside: The crazy windstorms that the Raleigh area has had recently have caused a lot of damage to many homes. Take a good look at your property to make sure nothing is loose or knocked down, there are no leaks and that it’s all in good condition.
  2. Get the clutter out: There’s something so invigorating about spring with the bursts of color and new growth everywhere. It’s the best time to clear out clutter and reorganize spaces. It may be intimidating, but it’s so rewarding. Choose a time, pick a spot and attack it. Once one spot is cleared out, you’ll want to keep going.
  3. Deep clean: Now that spaces are open and clutter-free, they might seem a little dingy. It’s time for a deep clean. Tackle it one room at a time or hire a professional cleaning company. A thorough cleaning will make the home feel new again.
  4. Pop it: Now’s the time to add some fun pops of fresh colors around the home. It might mean shopping within the home and shifting things to a different room or just buying some simple pieces to pull together a home.

Feeling good in a home is so important to how we function through life. The home is the core of our lives. Spring is the perfect time of year to refresh and renew it. Contact Raleigh Cary Realty for all real estate needs.

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