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How to Be a Helpful Neighbor

Neighbors help build a community. When moving to the Raleigh area, having welcoming neighbors helps a new place feel more like home. After being in a home for some time, talking with neighbors is a great way to make friends and learn of each other’s interests. Raleigh Cary Realty shares how to be a helpful neighbor.

Ways to be a helpful neighbor:

  • Check-in on each other: During these socially distanced times, calling or sending a quick text shows compassion for one another during a tough time. This is especially kind and helpful for those that live alone. If on a walk, wave and say hello and start a conversation. Dog walking is a great icebreaker to meet other neighbors.
  • Follow through on asked favors: It is one thing to say “yes,” but it’s another to follow through on the favor that was asked. Whether it is to water the flowers while they are away or walk the dog one Saturday, being there for neighbors is helpful and builds trust. A homeowner never knows when they would need to ask their neighbor for a favor.
  • Interact on the neighborhood’s social media page: Figuring out what is happening in the neighborhood is easiest by joining a neighborhood’s social media page. Also, signing up for newsletter emails is another option. Knowing when social events are occurring or when a food truck is coming to the pool are great ways to meet new people.

In this time, helpful neighbors support the community by lending a hand or simply picking up the phone. There are many neighborhoods that are perfect for families moving to the Raleigh area. Talk to Raleigh Cary Realty to find a new home with the right features and amenities that fits your needs and budget.

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