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Guide for How to Sell a Home with Pets

Selling a house when the homeowners have a pet can make the selling process a tad bit trickier. Yet, an overwhelming majority of families in the United States own at least one pet which makes this so important since many people will sell a home with a pet at least once in their lifetime. Raleigh Cary Realty shares tips on how to sell a home with a pet to ensure their safety and favorable results for the homeowner.

Here are tips on selling a home when the homeowner has pets:

  1. Know your pet’s needs: Not only is selling and leaving a home stressful for the owners, it can be just as stressful for pets. Therefore, it is important to keep a pet’s needs in mind to make sure it feels safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. In addition, giving the animal extra attention during these stressful and busy times can also make the pet feel loved and supported.
  2. Find a relocation spot for the pet beforehand: To avoid any stress in the showings, it is crucial to find a relocation spot for any animals prior to the appointment. This way, homeowners won’t have to worry about their pets getting out or harassing the potential buyer. It also makes the buyer feel more comfortable if there are no other distractions in the home. Planning beforehand and making a decision whether the pet should be boarded or stay with a family member makes it easier on the day of showings. If you decide to put the animal in a crate in the home, you may want to have someone else come inside the home while you are still there to see how they react and if the pet is super nervous or is barking a lot.
  3. Fix any damage in the home from pets: Pets are notorious for making messes which can potentially leave permanent damage in a home. Prior to having showings, homeowners should find any spots such as stains, paint chips and other damage to ensure the buyer doesn’t see these imperfections when touring.
  4. Check for pet odors: A conundrum for many sellers is pet odors and what to do while a pet is still living in a home (especially senior pets). It might be difficult to choose whether you should change out the carpet now or to wait and let buyers know your plans on putting in new flooring or an an allowance to do so. We are happy to consult you on what is the best option for you.
  5. Be aware of neighbors pets too: Not only should homeowners be mindful of their own pets, they should also be aware of any neighbors’ pets. If a pet is continuously barking or causing a scene with potential buyers, these individuals might not choose to continue with purchasing just because of the nuisance the pet might bring in the future.

Pets are an integral part of every family which is why Raleigh Cary Realty takes pride in serving homeowners and their furry friends. Contact us for more information on how we can help you through the selling process.

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