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Five Winter Home Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

Here in Raleigh, winter isn’t quite what our friends further north are used to, but temperatures still dip below freezing in the Triangle, and we do see some snow and ice. Our homes can take a bit of a winter beating, so it’s important to take some simple steps to make sure they’re ready for winter weather.

Here are some tips for winter home maintenance:

  • Seal It Up: Make sure the seals and weather stripping on doors and windows are in good shape. Otherwise, heat will escape the home and cold weather will sneak in. This results in high utility bills and nobody wants that.
  • Piping hot: In Raleigh, pipes aren’t usually insulated for winter weather, so they can freeze and burst when cold fronts move through. Luckily, it’s fairly simple and inexpensive to protect pipes. A quick trip to the home improvement store will offer options that will work for your home.
  • Tree Trimming: Nope, not the type with tinsel and bright lights. With ice or snow, branches and trees can get weighed down. Keep an eye on trees that may be close to structures or may be compromised and likely to fall. Trim or remove if needed.
  • Bring It Inside: The constant freezing and thawing can wreak havoc on outdoor cushions and other outdoor items. Bring them inside, especially when the forecast predicts icy rain.
  • Inside Jobs: With cold, gray days outside, winter is a good time to catch up on inside jobs that we tend to skip in favor of having fun. Think about those holes that need to be patched or hinges that need to be tightened. Even a mini room makeover would be a great idea.

Taking care of your home in all seasons helps maintain the property’s value, and the cold winter months need a little extra care. If you’re wondering about the market value of your home, we can help. Contact us to get started.


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