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Five Home Improvement Projects That Increase Value

Prior to putting a home on the market, many homeowners go through a long list of home improvement projects that will increase their property value as much as possible before selling. There are hundreds of tasks that these homeowners could potentially consider both inside and outside of the home. To give some assistance, Raleigh Cary Realty shares five home improvement projects that are guaranteed to increase the value of your home and are well worth the investment.

Here are five home improvement projects that can boost the property value:

  1. Upgrade kitchen with improvements: Most homebuyers today are seeking modern and updated kitchens. Upgrading the kitchen can be seen through a variety of minor improvements like adding in tile backsplash to replacing old appliances. The kitchen is considered the heart of the home – make it look like a place families will want to gather.
  2. Add manufactured stone veneer: The outside of the home is likely the first thing homebuyers will see through either through online photos or driving up to the home for the first time. This makes curb appeal important. Adding a layer of manufactured stone veneer can instantly transform and modernize the exterior of the home.
  3. Replace garage door: Many homeowners don’t even consider replacing the garage door; however, it not only enhances the curb appeal but also makes the space more efficient. It even has been ranked as one of the best home improvement projects for return on investment.
  4. Install new windows: Today’s buyers are all about home efficiency. Installing new vinyl windows can improve energy efficiency. Older homes with single-pane windows and seal cracks will lead to higher energy use which will ultimately cost more for the individual buying the home.
  5. Minor repairs throughout: Before putting the home up, it is always a good idea to do a walk-through around the entire space and make a list of minor repairs that can be easily completed on a budget. This might include repainting or replacing lighting fixtures. Even though these tasks are small, it makes the space feel more uniform and can make all the difference between being sold and still on the market.

These are just five home improvement projects that can boost your home’s value – among hundreds! At Raleigh Cary Realty, we know the Triangle homebuyers best. Contact us today to get started on selling your home.

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