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FAQs About Moving to a Larger Home

Is your current home starting to burst at the seams, or are you simply tired of feeling like you’re in a cramped space? If you’re looking to make an upgrade, you’ve likely got a few questions. Below are answers to some of the more common questions individuals have asked about moving to a larger, more spacious home.

FAQs About Moving to a Larger Home

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Can I Afford to Make This Move?

If you’re a typical homeowner, you’re likely wondering if you can afford to make an upgrade. While your financial situation is one that you will have to analyze, you should know that larger homes here in the Triangle area are quite affordable, even by today’s standards. Whether you want to live in Apex or you’re thinking about a move to Morrisville, you can rest assured that there is a home around that will suit your needs and budget. Click here to view our property listings page and browse some of the many listings in areas you would like to live.

Should I Buy First, or Wait?

Another common question is whether or not one has to wait until their current home is sold before moving in to a new one. While the prospect of buying and moving quickly is certainly exciting, it’s important to ensure that you won’t suffer a lengthy gap between buying your new home and selling your old one. If you need to sell your current home and you’re unsure about how long the process might take or how much demand there is in your area of Raleigh or Cary, give our team a call and can advise you on your sale.

When Should I Buy New Furnishings?

When you move into a larger home you may find that it feels a bit cavernous as your current furnishings are more suited to your smaller previous house, condo or apartment. However, don’t rush out and immediately buy all new furniture to try to fill out your space. Give your family some time to settle in to the new home, as they may have some ideas as to how they want to fill some of the empty spaces. You may also discover that a more minimal approach actually suits the new home a bit better, especially if it’s a newer home or one with high ceilings and a large, sprawling floor plan.

How Can I Make This Move Easier?

Moving is rarely a proverbial ‘piece of cake’, and you’re going to want to minimize the stress so you can focus on the excitement of being in a new home. Contract a professional moving team to handle the packing and moving of your items so that you aren’t struggling with rental trucks and driving all over the Triangle trying to get your furniture to your new home. If your old home has yet to be sold, working with a professional home staging team will help to draw in buyers and get your sale closed that much quicker.

When you’re ready to make your upgrade, the Raleigh Cary Realty team will be here to help. Contact us at your convenience at (919) 439-0965 and we’ll show you why moving to a larger home is one of the most enjoyable real estate experiences you can have.

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