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Decorating Choices To Avoid When Selling Your Home

Home is the center of our lives and should feel like an authentic reflection of you and your family. But once the home is for sale, those rules change a little bit. The key is to create a home that still feels comfortable for you but still appeal to potential buyers.Sell a Home in Raleigh

Four decorating choices to avoid when selling your home are:

  • Bold colors – We love color, but when it’s time to sell, it’s time to tone them down. Bold colors, especially if you have a lot of them going on, can be jarring to look at and can also make a home look smaller. Invest in a quality paint job with a neutral tone and add pops of color throughout the home.
  • Out of sync style – We see this a lot. Sometimes, a home that looks like a sweet little cottage and when you step in, it’s a minimalist modern marvel. Or we’ll see a brick colonial that looks like a Tuscan villa inside. It’s distracting and unsettling. We get that we all have our style preferences, but if the house and decor are too different, it feels like a movie set and not a home.
  • Clutter – Just say no, kids. Clutter takes the focus of the house and puts it on the stuff. It makes a home look small and lacking in storage. And even if dusting is your favorite hobby in the world, cluttered homes still feel untidy.
  • Darkness – One of the most sought-after features in a home is light. When selling, take-down any heavy drapes, keep windows open and consider moving out dark heavy furniture. Darkness makes homes look small and uninviting.

There’s a fine line between bland and busy when it comes to setting up your home to hit the market, and we can help you navigate that process. If you’re ready to list your home in the Raleigh area, contact Raleigh Cary Realty today.

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