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Affordable Ways to Improve Home Safety and Security

The feeling of having a secure and safe home is well worth the time and effort that homeowners are putting into it. However, is it worth spending hundreds of dollars each month? Monthly expenses can pile up fast and it can become a hassle that new homeowners might not want to take on. We have set out to find products that can help keep a home secure for under $20.

Here are our top 4 ways:

  1. Window and door alarms: Windows and doors are the common points of entry and exit. These alarms can be found on Amazon and many home improvement stores. They can be set to sound off a loud alarm or a simple chime. This product has a simple 10-minute install and can be found for as low as $11
  2. Door security bars: The concept of the security bar can be as expensive or as cheap as the homeowner wants. For sliding doors, it can be as simple as a wooden dowel that will stop sliding. There are padded bars that will save both the door and the floor under it! This is a simple 10-second installation.
  3. Fake home security cameras: Placing two or three of these around a home can be a strong deterrent. Intruders want convenience and they are looking to enter homes as quickly and easily as possible. Something as simple as a blinking led light in a fake camera can deter burglars. This one has a bit of a longer installation time but will be well worth it.
  4. Motion sensing spotlight: Motion sensed security is a great deterrent.  Not only will this keep people away from the home, but it is also great for when homeowners have to walk outside at night. These typically have a long battery life so they don’t have to be changed for long periods of time!  It is also affordable with low installation time.
  5. Doorbell cameras: Even though doorbell cameras cost more than $20, they are a great way to keep packages better protected. Their wide angles catch most people coming to the house. These products can be paired with window & door alarms and other cameras around the house without the expensive monthly fees.

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