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5 Tips For An Energy Efficient Home

Homeowners spend a huge amount of their income on household monthly bills.  The operation of a home requires a lot of power and resources.  Finding a way to conserve that energy and ways to make your home more efficient is a quick way to save yourself money.

Five tips for making your home more energy efficient:

  • Air Conditioning Unit: Often people assume that they need to purchase a larger A/C unit in order to cool their house properly. It is important to remember that the larger unit does not mean you will cool the home more effectively or less expensively.  Oversizing can shorten the life of the equipment by causing it to cycle on and off more frequently.  You must also remember that undersized equipment can also cause an issue. A unit that is too small can reduce the efficiency and accelerate wear on system components, leading to early failure.
  • Avoid Door Drafts:  Air leaks are a large source of heat loss in the home during winter. A common place where air leaks occur is under the door leading from the house to the garage because they are often not as well sealed as doors leading outside. Install a door sweep to avoid drafts.
  • Turn off outside lighting: The outdoor porch light is one of the most used lights in the home.  Installing energy efficient bulbs can help with the efficiency of these fixtures.  Turning the light off in the morning and on at night will also help.
  • Windows:  Storm windows are a good solution when it comes to drafts. Caulk and weather-strip around windows that leak air. If getting new windows, choose energy efficient windows.
  • Sink Faucets: Repair any faucet leaks. A leaky faucet can waste gallons of water. Hot water dripping will also cause wear on the hot water heater.  Fixing drips is a cost-effective and easy way to save energy.

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