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4 Things That Happen At An Open House That You Don’t Know About

One of the first suggestions many homeowners receive from a Raleigh & Cary real estate agent when they begin is to host an open house. This is not always the right decision for every home. But, many real estate agents suggest it to help in a few different ways.Why Realtors Host an Open House

Our expert team of Raleigh real estate agents at Raleigh Cary Realty make it our responsibility to make sure we are doing what is best for the home and homeowner. However, open houses are not always used the way a homeowner would expect.

4 things that a Raleigh real estate agent uses open houses for that homeowners don’t know about are:

  1. Internet Exposure: Once a decision to do an Open House is made and put in the MLS and various sites it is put to the top on many home searches all things being equal and some home search sites have special links for Open Houses which gives the sellers home more presence and exposure online.
  2. Attracting Renters Who May Potentially Buy: If a Raleigh home is having a hard time getting an offer, a real estate team can host an open house. At the open house, they will invite renters and potential buyers. They do this because seeing all of the individuals in the home could lead a potential home buyer to make an emotional decision to put an offer in before someone else takes the home.
  3. Networking: Open houses are very public events and many realtors, in other real estate firms, will visit the open house. This gives the realtors an opportunity to network and chat about the right type of home buyer for the specific home.
  4. Growing the List: Every real estate firm has a list of potential home buyers in Raleigh. While one of those individuals at the open house may purchase the home, many of them will not. Hosting the open house allows the real estate firm to develop new clients and let those clients know about future Open Houses.

Raleigh Cary Realty is going to go above and beyond for our clients. If we decide one of our clients can benefit from an open house, then we will host the best open house possible. To determine if your home is ready to be sold and if an open house is right for you, contact our team at Raleigh Cary Realty today.

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